Why should I take my class from you?

I am a regular everyday guy who has trained a lot more than most folks.

I was not a Police Officer, FBI Agent, Navy Seal or Army Ranger, and while those professions are amazing accomplishments that doesn't just automatically mean those folks are great Instructors.

Most of these discount ccw classes are being taught by a revolving door of cheap hired help, who simply took a NRA Instructor class. If you want a cheap discount class, taught by someone who doesn't know what they are talking about.... Don't take your class with me.

If you want a quality training experience, taught by the guy who has Immersed himself In constantly learning about concealed carry and the laws of Nebraska..... You are In the right place.

What are the requirements to take the class?

  • You must be able to legally possess a gun under federal and state law.

  • If you are prohibited by law from possessing a firearm, then you cannot take this class.

Where are your classes held?

My classes are held at:

Thunder Alley Indoor Shooting Range

4713 Hartley Street

Lincoln, NE

What do I need to bring to class with me?

  • Your handgun Including at least TWO magazines.

  • 50 rounds ammunition minimum

  • Belt and belt type holster (outside OR inside waistband)

  • Eye and Hearing protection

  • Pen and paper IF you prefer to take notes

  • Valid Nebraska Drivers License or State ID

How much does the class cost?

$150 for the class

How long does class last?

We complete the class and required range work all In one day. I keep my class sizes very small, so we are able to complete everything usually In 5-6 hours.